Fluoride Action Network

Candidate Profile: Jeffrey Hodges, Motorists Party for Lord Mayor, Brisbane

Source: Westender | March 7th, 2020
Location: Australia


What is your vision for Brisbane and how do you envisage that taking shape?

Brisbane WITHOUT TOLLS, a superb  FREE PUBLIC TRANSPORT network, and a NON-FLUORIDATED WATER SUPPLY. Council wastes over $1 Million a year on water fluoridation in the mistaken belief that this helps prevent dental caries in children, yet there is no difference in tooth decay rates between fluoridated and non-fluoridated countries – and over 90% of Europe no longer adds this poison to their water supply.  Thousands of studies have shown that fluoride damages brain, kidneys, bones, thyroid and pineal glands – and many people today have chemical sensitivities and react to even bathing in fluoridated water.  Fluoridation violates medical protocols :  there is no consent, no warning of possible health risks, no prescription or regard for an individual’s circumstances, and no control of the dosage.  The fluoridation chemicals used are not pharmacy grade, but instead are schedule 6/7 poisons – a hazardous, toxic, contaminated waste bi-product from the processing of phosphate fertilizers that is imported from China!

Council wants to concentrate on getting back to the basics of what Council SHOULD be about – ie providing the essential services for our city: maintain roads;  public transport;  parks and gardens;  rubbish collection;  safe water supply;  etc.

You can follow Jeffrey Hodges on Facebook, or on www.consumerrights.org.au or www.no-tolls.org

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