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Catasauqua Borough Council meeting: comments on fluoridation

Source: Tmes News Online | March 30th, 2022 | By Bill Leiner Jr., Special to The Press

At the March 28 Catasauqua Borough Council meeting …  a resident addressed council advocating to keep fluoride in the municipal water. He noted the majority of municipalities have fluoride in their water, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention fully supports fluoride in municipal water.

The resident added this is a safety issue for borough residents. Council’s charge is to promote the health and safety of residents. He further said removing fluoride from municipal water will hurt residents with limited resources because they cannot afford products containing fluoride.

Another resident, a retired pediatric nurse, advocated to keep fluoride in Catasauqua municipal water. She noted 74 percent of municipalities in the country have fluoride in their water. She also said she has talked to many residents who expressed concern about having fluoride removed from the water.

Engineer Vanessa Nedrick noted the fluoride system decision for the Environmental Protection Agency as to whether Catasauqua will remove fluoride from municipal water is due as soon as possible. Council voted 6-1 to keep fluoride in Catasauqua water. Councilman Paul Cmil voted to remove fluoride from Catasauqua’s water.

A resident approached council to express frustration that he cannot get a clear answer about his neighbors’ fire pits. The gentleman contended for months that the two pits in question have no screen on top of them and the pits are too close to building structures, which violate the fire pit ordinance.

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