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Cheese is Chalk If Fluoride is Fluoride Says Hamilton Oncologist

Source: Press Release: Fluoride Free Hamilton | June 28th, 2013
Location: New Zealand

In the USA, it costs fertilizer companies $4000-$7000, per tanker truck, to dispose of fluorosilicic acid, which is considered a toxic pollutant by the environmental protection agency (EPA) . It cannot be legally dumped in any natural water supply, yet is being added to drinking water.

Hamilton Oncologist Dr Anna Goodwin says, “I was shocked to learn that, in the absence of any human studies to prove its safety or efficacy, the fertilizer industry held hands with government agencies (in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand) and fluorosilicic acid was deemed an “acceptable and equivalent” fluoride source, decades ago, completely without any real evidence for this assertion.

“Industry and government holding hands, (of course “for the good of the poor and disadvantaged”-always the way). Its a beautiful thing. There is actually no “science” whatsoever to justify the dispersal of industrial waste in our drinking water. Telling us “its good for our teeth” is pure hubris.

“Fluoride is fluoride” it is said. This is true to the extent that “cheese is chalk”. One could live after consuming 2 grams of calcium fluoride (the fluoride that occurs “naturally” in our environment). Such is not the case with fluorosilicic acid. Additionally, since fluorosilicic acid is an industrial waste product, it has many contaminants in the form of lead, arsenic, and cadmium.

“Studies in the USA have shown that black children absorb twice the lead and arsenic from fluoridated drinking water as white children. There is therefore no substance to the assertion that minorities are “disadvantaged” by the removal of fluoride from their drinking water (as the fluoride goes, so goes the lead and arsenic contamination!).

“In contrast to the misrepresentation of the anti-fluoride movement, the true elitists in this debate enjoy promotions and elevated status for advancing industry profits over human health while hypocritically using the “poor and disadvantaged” as their body shield as they attempt to bulldoze any dissent. On the public payroll, they deceive us using our financial resources.

“Hamilton’s City Council made a courageous and correct decision to end fluoridation of the city’s water supply. The true cowards are those who would sell the health of their nation to the highest multinational billion dollar industry bidder requiring a toilet in which to dump their waste.

We, as human beings, residents, and rate payers do not accept that our drinking water (and food supply) should be an industry toilet, while we pay for the privilege with our rates and our health. Water fluoridation in New Zealand must stop !”

Dr Anna Goodwin is one of the team of medical doctors and dentists who gave evidence to end fluoridation in Hamilton.

Dr Goodwin will be speaking with two other members of that team,

in Auckland at Freeman’s Bay Community Hall

7pm Saturday 29th June in a talk entitled : IS FLUORIDATION SAFE ?