NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of Lebanon received a prospective initiative petition that complies with constitutional requirements.  On May 4, 2022 the City Recorder received from the City Attorney the following draft ballot title for Initiative Petition #LEB2022-01.

CAPTION:  Removal of Fluorosilicic Acid from Lebanon Water Supply.

QUESTION: Shall the City of Lebanon discontinue fluoridation of the city water supply?

SUMMARY:  The City of Lebanon supplies drinking water to city residents and business.  As part of this process, fluoride is added to its water supply. This measure requires the City of Lebanon to cease fluoridation of the city water supply.

The Lebanon City Council passed a resolution on April 26, 2000, ordering the Director of Public Works to introduce between 0.7 and 1.0 parts per million of fluoride into the City’s public drinking water system.  The Council adopted findings after examining medical and dental evidence indicating that fluoride reduces tooth decay, particularly in children.  The 2000 Resolution specifically highlighted Council’s intent that the decision to add fluoride to the water supply was subject to the right of referendum and referral to the voters in Lebanon.  Lebanon’s water has contained fluoride since September 2001.

Fluoridation is funded through city water fees and managed by the Director of Public Works. Removing the requirement to add fluoride to the water system will result in savings of approximately $25,000 annually, which includes materials, chemicals and staff time.

NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that any elector of the city who believes the draft ballot title contains more than one subject or who believes the ballot title is insufficient, not concise, or unfair may file a petition for judicial review with the Circuit Court for Linn County no later than 5 PM on May 13, 2022 which is at least seven business days after this notice.
Any elector who files a petition to review the draft ballot title must notify the City Recorder in writing that the petition has been filed no later that 5:00 PM on the next business day following the day the petition is filed.

Kim Scheafer, MMC
City Recorder

Posted on the City’s Website 5/4/2022