Silsbee is hoping the addition of fluoride to the city’s water system will help reduce dental costs for its residents, said Joe Marino, director of public works in Silsbee.

According to water plant officials, the cities of Beaumont and Port Arthur already add fluoride to their water systems.

“We’ve been adding fluoride for quite a while, since the 1960s or 70s. We add it to our surface water, but we don’t add it to our well water because fluoride is naturally occurring in the ground water,” said Barry Miller, Superintendent of the city of Beaumont’s Surface Water Treatment Plant.

Silsbee’s fluoride addition will impact those who live within city limits, as well as down FM 327 West and Fresenius Loop, according to Marino.

According to Marino, the city’s water currently has 0.1 parts per million of natural fluoride occurring in the system directly from the aquifer. He said the recommended level by the state health dept is around a 1.0 to 1.5 parts per million.

North Hardin Water Supply and West Hardin Water Supply both reported they will not be adding fluoride to their systems.

Bobby Rogers, manager of North Hardin Water Supply, said the company has no plans to add fluoridation to their process.

“You have cities that do and cities that don’t (add fluoride). It depends on what group you are representing,” he said.