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Clarksburg: Anti-fluoride forces turn out at Water Board meeting

Source: The Exponent Telegram | October 9th, 2013 | By Jim Davis, Staff Writer

Opponents of adding fluoride to the water supply continued to argue their case Tuesday before the Clarksburg Water Board.

Shannon Jackson, with Clean Water Clarksburg, presented the Water Board with rival petitions for and against the fluoridation of the city’s potable water.

Some 56 people signed the petition against fluoridation, while 16 others signed the petition in favor of continuing the practice, Jackson told the board during the regular meeting.

“I think you will find that if you take this to a vote, you have the support of the community behind you,” Jackson said.

Board President Al Cox noted that the group’s survey reflects a small percentage of the board’s 60,000 direct and resale customers.

General Manager Dick Welch presented the board with additional letters in support of fluoridation of water.

The letters were from Dr. David Edwards, president of the West Virginia Board of Dentistry, and Kelli Caseman, executive director of the West Virginia School-Based Health Assembly, Welch said.