AS anti-fluoridation campaigner Wayne Evans had his day in court yesterday, a dedicated group of protestors took up residence outside Coffs Harbour court house and proclaimed fluoridation as undemocratic.

The Fluoridation Is Not Democratic (FIND) group were there to let residents know they have a choice about their water supply, according to spokesperson Sylvia Turner.

“Fluoridation is a cheap fix when what’s really needed is education and improved dental care,” Ms Turner said.

“It’s poisoning through mass medication, and our children will suffer because of it.”

Visitors to the court house yesterday were handed fact sheets by FIND which claim infants will be put at risk of developing dental fluorosis, or scarring of the tooth enamel, if water is fluoridated.

But Teeth for Health project manager, John Irving, said there is overwhelming evidence to support fluoride‘s safety and effectiveness.

“There’s a lot of misunderstanding and a lot of myths relating to water fluoridation,” Mr Irving said.

The Australian Dental Association claims Townsville became the largest Queensland city to fluoridate its water supply in 1964, with studies showing children in Townsville have significantly less cavities than children in Brisbane, with the fluoride found to strengthen teeth and make them more resistant to tooth decay.