Fluoride Action Network

Columbia University’s project in Nairobi included water fluoridation

Source: Columbia Global Centers - Nairobi | August 7th, 2021 | Columbia University in the City of New York
Location: Kenya


PGIF Round 1 Projects (2013)

• Project; Children’s Global Oral Health Initiatives (CGOHI)

Principal Investigator:

Dr Shan Lal, Associate Professor of Dental Medicine (Pediatric Dentistry), Columbia University Medical Center

Other Participants

Columbia University Medical College Students: Brittany Roth, Stephany Liu, Heather Beaty, Joanna Walska, Christa Gianfrancesca, Ronit Sternberg, Kenrick Cato, Rob Ziliny, Richa Wahi

Local Collaborator: Ministry of Health, Kenya; Nairobi Medical Center

Columbia University Schools Involved

  • College of Dental Medicine
  • College of Physicians & Surgeons
  • Mailman School of public Health
  • School of Nursing


This project was a global outreach mission with a group of students for Columbia University Medical Center. In addition to screenings and comprehensive care for almost 200 children at orphanages and homes for destitute children. The students also collaborated on cross-disciplinary scholarly projects that included Telehealth training, HIV saliva testing and research, water fluoridation, remote early cancer detection, and exploring distance learning opportunities using google glass. The College of Dental Medicine also signed a university affiliation agreement with Nairobi Medical and Dental Center for further collaboration on the above educational activities.

Other Projects discussed

PGIF Round 1 Projects (2013)
• Project; Sphingolipids in Pediatric Brain Cancers

PGIF Round 2 Projects (2014)
• Project; Global Nursing Research Development Initiative
• Project; China’s Aid to Africa: Achievements, Challenges and Opportunities
• Project; Children’s Global Oral Health Initiative: An Adaptable Interdisciplinary Model for Chronic Health Care Management and Health Promotion• Project; Global Expertise to Feed the World: Planning a CGC Network on Sustainable Agricultural Intensification

PGIF Round 3 Projects (2015)
Project; Should I Stay or Should I Go? A Longitudinal and Cross-national Study of the Effects of Retirement Timing on Health.

PGIF Round 4 Projects (2016)
Project; Laboratory-based PhD Training in Nutritional and Agricultural Sciences in East Africa

PGIF Round 5 Projects (2017)
• Project; A Global Learning Laboratory for Oral Health Step 1: A Planning Grant to Create a Kenya-­Brazil Cross­ National Collaboration in Support of Research, Education and Policy
• Project; Men Matter: Male Engagement in HIV Services – Kenya and Brazil
• Project; African Nutritional Sciences Research Consortium: Laboratory ­based PhD Training in Nutritional and Agricultural Sciences inEast Africa

PGIF Round 6 Projects (2018)
• Project; Implementation Science and Global Health: Taking Knowledge to Action.
• Project; Proposal to convene a Meeting of key Sub-Saharan African pediatrics health care leaders and related governmental officials at the Columbia University Global Center in Nairobi, Kenya.
Project; Addressing Gender-Based Violence: A Public Health and Law School Partnership in Kisumu, Kenya

PGIF Round 7 Projects (2019)
•Project; Oral Health Program Planning and Evaluation: Training for Action with New Partners
• Project; Improving Capacity to Address Gender-Based Violence: A Public Health and Law Evaluation of a GBV Clinic in Kisumu, Kenya

PGIF Round 8 Projects (2020)
•Project; The Impact of Extreme Heat on Children’s Health in Africa Project