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Corning Fluoridation Project Put On Hold

Source: WETM-TV 18 (Elmira) | February 15th, 2008 | Reported by Jeff Stone
Location: United States, New York

Some Corning City Council members once again made it clear Thursday night that they want to wait for the public to decide about fluoridating the city’s drinking water supply.

City Council previously told the city manager not to spend any city funds on the fluoridation project until city voters decide whether they agree with council’s earlier decision to flouridate. However the city manager continued to work on the project without spending any city funds. That work included looking at the environmental impact review that would be involved, planning a schedule for implementation and researching local laws that would be necessary to fluoridate the water.

Thursday Corning City Manager Mark Ryckman submitted a couple of other municipalities’ laws for fluoridation to the Corning City Council Codes Committee but the committee voted to table any further consideration of adding fluoride to the water until after the November referendum.