CORNING — The city of Corning has received an opinion from its lawyer on an anti-fluoride petition, but doesn’t plan to disclose it publicly until Oct. 23.

Mayor Frank Coccho said he and City Manager Mark Ryckman have read the opinion by Pamela Doyle Gee of Davidson & O’Mara in Elmira.

“I skimmed through the attorney’s memo, but I don’t know I understand it in its entirety,” Coccho said.

The city has scheduled a press conference for 9 a.m. Oct. 23 to announce the details of the opinion, Ryckman’s office said.

“That’s ridiculous,” said Kirk Huttleston, who organized the petition campaign aimed at getting an anti-flouridation amendment to the City Charter on the ballot. “I’m very curious what the opinion is and I’m very curious why we have to wait until Oct. 23.”

The Star-Gazette today filed a Freedom of Information Law request seeking a copy of the opinion. The city has five business days to respond.

Look for more on this story in tomorrow’s Star-Gazette.