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Corning: Vote ‘yes’ to allow residents to decide on fluoridation

Source: Star-Gazette | October 16th, 2008 | Letter
Location: United States, New York

Title: Vote ‘yes’ to keep fluoride decision

There is a lot of confusion in Corning surrounding proposition 1. Unfortunately, misinformation is being fed to the voting public. So what’s the real story?

Proposition 1 is not a “yes/no” vote on fluoride. It is a vote on who gets to decide whether Corning fluoridates its water. Proposition 1 needs to pass in order for the voting public to be able to say “yes” or “no” to fluoride in our water. Without it, a five-vote majority in the city council will make this decision for us.

Despite signs you may have seen or pamphlets you may have received, voting “yes” on proposition 1 does not take local control on matters of fluoridation out of our hands. The city of Corning owns its own water treatment facilities. Steuben County has absolutely no jurisdiction over what we do to our water in the city of Corning.

If you think fluoridating our water is important enough that the voters of Corning should get to weigh in, vote “yes” on proposition 1 on Election Day. A “no” vote on proposition 1 basically says that you are comfortable with the idea of a five-vote majority in city council making this decision for us.

Kirk Huttleston