Fluoride Action Network

Councillors to debate fluoride on the Western Downs

Source: The Toowoomba Chronicle | February 5th, 2013 | By Genevieve Kennedy
Location: Australia

COUNCIL will have the opportunity to reverse a 46-year-old policy of water fluoridation.

Local governments now have the power to decide on whether their region’s water supplies should be fluoridated, and a report will hit Western Downs councillors’ desks this week.

Dalby’s water supply has been fluoridated since May 1966, while Chinchilla only had the chemical added in December last year.

WDRC Mayor Ray Brown said his personal view was that the medical evidence supported the case for fluoridation.

“I’ve done a significant amount of reading, and our staff have spent a significant amount of time on the report,” he said.

“The Western Downs region … has one of the highest oral health issues in Queensland. The AMA is behind fluoride, saying you’ve got to have it for long term preventative reasons.

“My personal view, it’s not council’s, is that I certainly believe the science and data that has been put through by the AMA.”

Cr Brown said he was aware of the opposition to fluoride, with groups like the Fluoride Action Network stating it is harmful to public health and the environment.

“It is an emotive issue. Whichever way you go, you’re going to have objectors.

“You can’t just sit on the fence.

“The state should be the one to say yes or no – they’ve choofed it off to local government.”

Queensland Health supports fluoridation, stating that there is no evidence to show fluoride, in the amounts used in water, has any health risks.