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Crowley: Chinese fluoride in water system raises concerns

Source: CrowleyToday.com | June 11th, 2010

CROWLEY – On June 4th, a Louisiana House committee voted down a Senate passed legislation that would have limited the use of Chinese fluoride in our state’s water system. Currently, only two cities in the state use Chinese fluoride in their water systems – Crowley and Oakdale.

Due to recent problems experienced with Chinese toys, baby formula, and drywall, some say that consumers should be wary of a chemical manufactured in China added to our drinking water supplies.

State Representative Fred Mills, who sponsored legislation requiring that Chinese seafood be labeled, said that “it doesn’t look like any produced there meets any kind of standards.”

However, Ward Blackwell, Executive Director of the Louisiana Dental Association which represents approximately 80 percent of Louisiana’s dentists seemed to feel that the entire issue may be an overreaction.

“This is in no way is related to Chinese drywall,” said Blackwell. “To clarify there are about 40 different chemicals in added to drinking water and they’re going after one.”

That doesn’t mean that Mayor Greg Jones of Crowley hasn’t followed the situation.

“I have an inquiry to LAWCO to make sure that our water is safe,” said Jones. “I’m still waiting for an answer. However, I was assured that state fluoride inspectors have checked our supply recently and our water is safe. If I were to find any facts that said otherwise I would discontinue the use of Chinese fluoride immediately. I’ve also spoken with LAWCO and they stated they’re more afraid of Japanese fluoride than Chinese.”

The issue of Louisiana’s fluoridation of water was a hot topic last year with several people saying that there were studies that proved it to be unhealthy. However, groups such as the American Dental Association strongly disputed such claims and the process continues in our state.