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Culver fluoridation public hearing Tuesday, July 14

Source: The Pilot News | July 13th, 2015 | By Jeff Kenney
Location: United States, Indiana

Culver’s town council will host a public hearing towards a final decision on whether to include fluoride in the town’s drinking water, during its regular meeting Tuesday, July 14 at 6:30 p.m., at the town hall on Washington Street.

The hearing will give the public the opportunity to weigh in on whether or not to add fluoride to the town’s water supply, a matter debated from various perspectives in recent months, in light of the upcoming replacement and renovation of the town’s water plant, due to take place later this year. Plans for the plant are complete with an option to include or discard fluoridation equipment.

Culver was one of the first communities in Indiana to add fluoride to its municipal water supply, back in the 1950s. Corrosion of equipment at the plant, however, caused the town to discontinue the practice around a year ago, with the plant project pending. It has been proposed that a different form of equipment, using a powder solution rather than liquid, be employed towards fluoridation at the plant. Culver’s utilities manager has recommended against fluoridation, citing concerns over equipment as well as safety for town employees handling the materials. Several dental representatives, local and state-level, have argued in favor of fluoridation, citing the importance of the practice in long-term dental care, especially for lower-income children who may not have regular access to such care otherwise.

Those who wish to speak on either side of the issue will be allowed to do so, or may submit comments for the council’s review via e-mail at clerk@townofculver.org

Article published July 6, 2015