WILLEMSTAD – Concerned citizens have opened an online petition against the fluoridation of drinking water. The petition, created by Lyn Nederlof, suggests that it is important that the fluoridation stops because of the health hazard.

“A high concentration of fluoride can cause various diseases. It is also proved that fluoridation does not prevent caries. We are the people, we should have control over what they add to our drinking water,” is stated in the petition.

This morning, 192 people have already signed the petition. The goal is to collect 200 signatures.

The petition will be presented to the government.

However, Minister Ben Whiteman of Health maintains that fluoridation of drinking water is effective to prevent caries.

The adults in Curaçao with caries is high, therefore, the current dose should be increased within the appropriate applicable guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO).

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