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Dallas For Safe Water: Wed 9/14 Hold the Date! You can make a Difference!

Source: Dallas For Safe Water | September 10, 2022 | By Regina Imburgia
Posted on September 10th, 2022
Location: United States, Texas

To: Everyone that cares about the the health of  Millions of people receiving water poisoned  by the actions of the Dallas City Council–

PLEASE Join us at City Hall THIS Wednesday 9/14/22

VOICE Your concerns and Tell the Council to NOT Allocate Any money for the purchase of the “fluoride”-

I will get more details on Monday (9/12) and send out additional instructions on when and how long we can speak-

Basic info at this time the Dallas Council Meetings are held at City Hall 1500 Marilla –

The day starts with prayer/pledge and sometimes awards but usually 30 minuets or so THEN Open Mic – this will be the FIRST 5 speakers that called in and got put on the list-  The Public gets THREE Minutes once a Month

Linda Newland is on the list! So when you come you can support her also!

Then the Council Agenda starts– and the Budget is the big thing of the day!

NOTE- The above once a mot rule for speaking to the council is waved when Speaking on an Agenda Budget Item -you can speak even if you have already spoke in the last 30 days so Joe I and Linda are able to speak!

PLEASE Read the attached Memo that was sent to the Dallas City Council!! CM Adam B. is ready to go AGAINST the $352K allocation for the purchasing the Fluoride– He can bring it up–then he needs a second (and District 9 Paula Blackburn will probably do this)– then there is discussion — and it is open to the public– He and 3 others I know of are with him–WE NEED 8 TOTAL to stop the action!

You can call 214-670-3738 and ask for them to pass a message to the Council Members -You are Against Allocation money for Fluoride in the Budget- Same thing Call the Mayor– he votes too! 214-670-3301 This will help–

Some may be on the fence and NEED Your encouragement!

You do not need more to say than I SAY NO To spending Money on Fluoride!

Or you can go to DallasForSAferWater.com and there is a ton of information FACTS and Science!! To make your head spin!

The fact “they” felt it necessary to send this attached memo out to the Council—stating what we brought forward in our 6 minutes on 9/7–

Then rebutted it — is encouraging I believe– Maybe people asking questions and THEY needed to lay down the line??

ALSO Councilmember Adam Bazaldua told Linda and I – HE WAS TOLD The People of Dallas Voted to Start Fluoridation in 1966 – This is a LIE that was promoted when we started this fight over 10 years ago –I dug up newspaper articles and did Open Records requests–

THEN they conceded-  NOW Doing it again

WE told Adam that was wrong information maybe he called them out  (: and as you see in the attached they bring it up— This is Good!

OK Sorry so long! Please HOLD THE DATE Wednesday 9/14! my number is 2145975038

Please text (note who you are) and let me know if you want to Help!

Bye for Now


PS I have out on vacation as far as Activism goes– BUT BACK TO WIN THIS ONE!!! Just FYI

Stop fluoridation – Dallas City Hall Joe and Regina 3 minutes before council starts out 7:43