Fluoride Action Network

Dentists want free fluoride testing

Source: Newstalk ZB | March 12th, 2016 | By Alicia Burrow
Location: New Zealand

A group of dentists want the associate minister of health to make fluoride testing free because of concerns many people are over-dosing on the additive.

Dentist group FIND raised their concerns with Peter Dunne in a meeting in Wellington late yesterday.

The FIND dentists are concerned that the total quantity of fluoride that people swallow each day from food, dental products and water combined is putting people at risk of ongoing health problems.

They said it’s affecting people’s quality of life and is placing an unnecessary burden on the health system.

Spokesman Dr. Stan Litras highlighted the World Health Organisation guidelines which state authorities adding fluoride should be monitoring it.

The risk appears to be greater among children, Maori and low decile groups.