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Detection of the Pesticide Sulfuryl Fluoride

Source: Environmental Technology Online | October 31st, 2012
Industry type: Pesticides

Air Monitoring

The new version of the smartMODUL-FLOW from smartGAS Mikrosensorik GmbH (Germany) is able to detect remains of sulphuryl fluoride (SO2F2) in small concentrations. Sulphuryl fluoride is used as a pesticide in containers, which are loaded with wood or goods stored in wooden boxes. Fumigation of the containers with the pesticide avoids reproduction of insects, which could destroy or damage the goods during transport.

The use of SO2F2 as a fumigant increased since the 1980’s, when it replaced methyl bromide, which damages the ozone layer. The new sensors are ideally suited for the detection of the toxic gas in a range from 0 to 100 ppm. The sensor utilises infrared (NDIR) absorption and has various advantages compared with other types of sensors. By using highly selective IR absorption technology and integrated optical gas filters cross sensitivities with other gases are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Due to the dual-beam-technique the sensor shows practically no ageing or long term drift. The sensor is available with many standard interfaces like Modbus ASCII with RS485, UART or 4…20 mA enabling an easy integration into existing control architectures.