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Dieppe votes against fluoride

Source: CBC News | December 13th, 2011
Location: Canada, New Brunswick

The City of Dieppe now wants fluoride to be removed from its drinking water, reversing a previous decision by city council.

Councillors voted five-to-three at a meeting Monday night to ask the City of Moncton to stop adding fluoride to the region’s water supply.

Coun. Dave Maltais said the decision is based on extensive research.

“It’s an issue that you really need to read the documentation. You really need to spend time. Like, I probably spent, I’d say, 20 hours, just reading (documents) and I looked at a few videos. But if you don’t stop and really look at the documentation closely, then you won’t be convinced,” he said.

“On Oct. 24, I had no idea what was fluoridation of water. But I can tell you that since that, with all the reading I did, that I know a lot of it now, and I know all the harm it can do to the human body.”

The Town of Riverview voted in October to keep the cavity-fighting compound in the water.

It’s unclear when Moncton council will meet next to decide on the controversial issue.

A Moncton committee has been reviewing the future of fluoride in the region’s drinking water since June, after a group called for the removal of fluoride from city water.

The city has been holding public meetings and requested recommendations from Riverview and Dieppe, which also tap into Moncton’s water supply.

Those who favour fluoride say it’s done wonders for reducing the number of cavities in children. Those who oppose it say it’s dangerous and an invasion of private rights.