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Dubai: Al Ain Mineral Water launches Water+ with added calcium and fluoride specifically for children under 13

Source: Albawaba.com | August 24th, 2008

Al Ain Mineral Water Company (P.J.S.C.), the 100 per cent owned and operated entity of Abu Dhabi-based AGTHIA Group P.J.S.C, today announced the launch of Al Ain Water+, a specially formulated enhanced water for children aged between 4-13 years – at a media event held at Café Ceramique, Dubai.

The introduction of its new Water+ represents a continuation on the part of Al Ain Mineral Water to not only encourage water consumption amongst children, particularly given the extreme climate of the UAE; but also provides a healthy supplement to growing children. It contains added calcium, and fluoride – both deemed by nutritionists to be vital for fast growing children. Adequate calcium in the early years is very important as it aids in proper bone growth, development and repair. Fluoride is especially important to children as it helps build tough tooth enamel and prevents cavities.

Speaking at the launch Samar Saied Al Badawi, nutritionist advisor said, “Children need adequate amounts of all minerals including calcium and fluoride, particularly before the age of 13 to help with proper cognitive and physical development which is at a peak. Vegetables and fruits are key but when not favored the child misses out on vital minerals and must be supplemented.”

“Early adequate nutrition is essential during the growing years, and calcium is commonly known for its importance in bone development, but is also vital for absorption of other minerals. Fluoride is equally important in growing children as it helps build proper enamel and healthy gums”, added Al Badawi.

Daily recommendation dose for Fluoride and Calcium as recommended by Worldwide Health Organization:
Age-group 4-8 years 9-13 years Adults
Calcium 800mg/day 1300mg/day 1000mg/day
Fluoride 2.2mg/day 10mg/day 10mg/day

Leading the way:

Al Ain Mineral Water Company has a proven track record and strong heritage and tradition in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi where it is the clear number one bottled water brand amongst consumers, retailers and institutions. The company is now growing its share, distribution and presence in Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates. The company has been in the business since 1990 and today produces 35,000 PET cups and bottles of water per hour.

“At Al Ain Mineral Water, we constantly strive to deliver products that conform to the health and wellness aspirations of our consumers and cater to specific needs. In developing Al Ain Water+ we worked very closely with key nutritionists and believe it will be a huge help for parents who are concerned for their children’s health. Al Ain Mineral Water will continue to utilize its recognized water expertise to develop and introduce new , high quality, innovative products which meet the specific demands of consumers in the UAE and broader GCC markets”, said Fasahat Beg, General Manager at Al Ain Water.

Al Ain Water+ is now available in 330 ml bottles at all leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and other retail outlets across UAE.

About Al Ain Mineral Water Company:

Al Ain Mineral Water Company, (P.J.S.C.) is 100% owned and operated by Abu Dhabi-based AGTHIA Group P.J.S.C. The Company has manufacturing and bottling facilities in Al Ain and currently employs over 400 people across five locations in UAE. The AGTHIA Group P.J.S.C. also owns and operates Grand Mills for Flour and Feed Company and Al Ain Vegetable Processing and Canning Factory. Since its establishment in 1990, Al Ain Mineral Water has provided a consistent, healthy bottled water product which conforms to the strict Abu Dhabi Food & Health Authority product guidelines as well as to the internationally accepted U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) bottled water standards.

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