Lois Titchener graduated as a school Dental Nurse in 1969. She like many health professionals, current and former, has reversed her position on fluoridation after coming to the conclusion that fluoridation is potentially unsafe and definitely unnecessary.

“We were taught during our training that diet, oral hygiene and fluoride went hand in hand in oral health. One of my dental training officers who taught me this was the late Dr John Colquhoun. Dr Colquhoun later became famous for changing his mind on fluoridation after discovering that fluoridation did not have any impact on reducing dental decay.”

See Dr John Colquhoun’s essay on why he changed his mind here: http://www.fannz.org.nz/colquhoun.php

“I was aware, as a young Dental Nurse that there were opponents to water fluoridation but they were dismissed as mostly ‘crackpots.’ I personally argued for fluoridation against the late Dr Eva Hill at a public meeting over 30 years ago. We were taught in Dental School simply that this addition of Fluoride (we certainly were not told that it was Hydrofluorosilicic Acid) was an amazingly simple answer to prevention of tooth decay. And we did not need to question the matter.”

“The real solution is good oral hygiene and a healthy diet. The excess consumption of sugary juices and carbonated sugar drinks along with processed and sugar laden foods have much to answer for – it’s about education. The decline in dental health education from dental clinics and children not having regular check-ups also plays a part. Hydrofluorosilicic Acid is not required to reduce dental decay. Fluoridation has created a false sense of security from the real issue.”

Mrs Titchener has setup a network of Current and Former Dental Nurses who are For Ending Fluoridation. If you are a current or former dental nurse and have reservations regarding fluoridation or would like to know more about fluoridation in New Zealand please contact Mrs Titchener at mteden@fluoride.org.nz

All contact will be treated in the strictest confidence and discussion is welcomed.