To the editor:

The Fairbanks City Council meets Monday at 7 p.m., to vote on, among other things, removing an industrial waste byproduct (fluoride) from the water supply.

I’ve watched with keen interest the developing case against this practice, and wholeheartedly approve the decision of the task force (scientists and medical professionals) to advocate stopping the addition of this chemical to our water supply. Put another way, they suggest we get the toxin out of our bodies and make fluoride use a personal decision.

Those who are concerned about homeless kids not getting good oral hygiene need to realize those kids are the ones most at risk and least able to withstand the negative health impacts of ingested fluoride. Their immune systems are not up to par, and the documented dangers from fluoride ingestion more likely apply to this segment of the population.

From my reading efforts, to lower the use of sweetened drinks will have far greater benefit than even topical application of fluoride. Fluoride has never been declared an essential nutrient.

I urge anyone interested in the health of our community to come Monday to the City Council to speak out against fluoride. Speak up for personal choice, better health and intelligent, practical use of the huge body of scientific data placing fluoride ingestion in the dustbin of historical mistakes.