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Fairview considers ending fluoridation program

Source: Fairview Post | June 29th, 2004
Location: Canada, Alberta

Superindentant of public works Gary Leathem asked council to consider a plebiscite on whether the town should continue to put fluoride into the drinking water.

Although some fluoride is good for protecting people’s teeth, Leathem said, recent studies show too much fluoride is bad for bone strength.

The cost of the fluoride itself is low — only $89 per barrel — but the testing equipment is very expensive, Leathem told council.

“A lot of it ends up going on people’s lawns,” he added. “[And] it goes into the lagoon system and we put it back in the river.”

Councillor Joyce Choukalos said with more and more people drinking bottled water, they aren’t benefiting from the fluoride anyway.

Council took the idea under consideration but no motion was made.