• An EPA proposal to cut mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants would decrease water pollution and accumulation of pollutants in fish.
  • President Biden vetoes a Clean Water Act rollback.
  • An EPA survey of drinking water utilities estimates the number of lead service lines.
  • The EPA allocates FY2023 drinking water funds under the federal infrastructure bill.
  • The western snowpack breaks records.
  • The Interior Department signs a drought funding agreement with the Gila River Indian Community.
  • The EPA agrees to a timeline for considering a petition to strengthen water pollution regulations for CAFOs.
  • The National Toxicology Program’s science advisers will meet on May 4 to discuss a draft report on the toxicity of fluoride in drinking water.

Does Fluoride Damage Brains?
The National Toxicology Program’s expert panel will review a draft report (note: large PDF) on whether fluoride in drinking water damages the human brain.

The review assessed existing studies. It concluded, with moderate confidence, that high fluoride exposure (above 1.5 mg/L) is associated with lower IQ in children. These are exposures that are much higher than is typical in U.S. drinking water, which has a standard of 0.7 mg/L.

The Board of Scientific Counselors meets on May 4. The meeting is open to the public and a link to view the meeting will be posted the day before. The agenda is posted here.

*Original full-text article online at: https://www.circleofblue.org/2023/federal-water-tap/federal-water-tap-april-10-epas-proposed-strengthening-of-air-pollution-standards-comes-with-water-benefit/