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Fluoridation may make Pasco survey

Source: The News Tribune | Herald Staff Writer
Posted on July 28th, 2009

The issue of fluoride in Pasco’s water may finally reach the public’s door.

The Pasco City Council on Monday considered including a question about the controversial topic on the community survey it conducts every two years.

Councilman Al Yenney suggested adding water fluoridation to the survey after noticing it wasn’t on the list of possible issues to submit to the Colorado-based National Research Center, which formulates the city’s survey questions.

Other issues on the city’s list were curbside recycling, water conservation, camera traffic reinforcement and the restructuring of city council districts.

“I think the question (of fluoride) is way more relevant than the ones in front of us,” said Yenney.

Last week about 40 people attended a council meeting to protest fluoride being added to the city’s water. Pasco has added it for more than seven years to promote dental health, but some people believe it can cause other health issues and has never been approved for ingestion.

Councilwoman Rebecca Francik wondered how to phrase a question about fluoride so the public’s answers would provide valuable input.

Many people have approached council and voiced their opinions, but there are two polarized views and there is no middle ground for a compromise, she said.

Councilman Mike Garrison said he would support adding fluoridation to the list of questions as long as it was a neutral question.

Council members can submit up to three questions for the survey, said City Manager Gary Crutchfield.