A PUSH for further information about the potential adverse impact of adding fluoride to drinking water was defeated at Monday’s Hastings Council.

Cr Lisa Intemann raised the notice of motion that as a matter of urgency, a report be brought back to the council on the potential adverse effect of adding fluoride to drinking water supplies, on the long-term efficiency and effectiveness of the council’s sewerage treatment systems.

The report was also to cover the status of fluoride as a water pollutant in the general environment.

Speaking in favour of the move, Cr Intemann said it would be an opportunity to get some information from another point of view.

She said it would be “grossly negligent” if the council didn’t ask how fluoride would interact with the sewerage treatment systems.

“I don’t understand why councillors around this table won’t open their eyes and know all they can about this,” Cr Intemann said.

But mayor Rob Drew hit back, saying he did not have his eyes closed.

“I still have a great deal of faith in our medical staff and I believe we need to take notice of what they are saying,” he said.

“I believe this issue has been dealt with.”

The council opted at its last meeting to refer fluoridation to an expert panel.

Meanwhile, Cr Nardella added the information had already been supplied through NSW Health but Cr Cameron Price said he would be interested in seeing the report.

Crs Lisa Intemann, Jamie Harrison and Cameron Price supported the move, while councillors Adam Prussing, Bob Sharpham, Daphne Johnston, David Mayne, Rob Nardella and Rob Drew voted against the recommendation.

Meanwhile, the council noted a report on the chronology of the fluoridation debate.

Cr Intemann recorded her name against noting the report.