Fluoride Action Network

Fluoride carries water drama

Source: Geelong Advertiser | March 6th, 2008 | By Danny Lannen
Location: Australia

A NEW regional Victorian alliance is hoping for a film script verdict as it considers pushing for High Court intervention on fluoridation of water supply.

The Victorian Fluoride Action Group believes compulsory fluoridation breaches human rights and the Australian constitution and it hopes to launch an Australian-first case

Spokesman Vern Robson said a story of the anti-fluoride campaigners seeking to stop the State Government in its tracks through a High Court ruling might carry echoes of the hit Australian film The Castle.

“It’s not unlike that at all, we’re there to represent the people and hope that justice will prevail,” Mr Robson said.

The alliance represents communities in Geelong, Ballarat, Warrnambool, Daylesford and beyond.

“It’s one of those situations where there is a state legislation in place that allows the present state government to proceed with plans to fluoridate a number of water supply systems and the only way we are able to have that legislation tested on common law and human rights issues is to bring the case before the High Court,” Mr Robson said.

“We are currently seeking professional advice on the manner in which such a process can proceed.

“The case we would be arguing is that it is against the constitution to force anybody to take medication quite apart from human rights requirements around the world.”

News of the push came against mounting disquiet in Geelong after a series of public fluoride information sessions.

Spokesman David McRae said Barwon Association for Freedom from Fluoridation members had been disappointed they had been denied opportunity to express their opinions at the sessions.

“We believe consultations and probably a public vote should be held because of the promise the government gave at the 2006 election when the health minister promised that fluoridation would only occur if there was strong community support,” Mr McRae said.

“How can they judge that without a vote or proper form of consultation?”

Mr Robson, City of Warrnambool chief executive for 20 years up to 1995, said the action group was seeking credible advice and hoped to fine-tune a plan of attack during the next month.