The debate about adding fluoride to public drinking water supplies is set to be re-ignited in Port Macquarie.

A motion on the issue is set to go before a Council meeting tomorrow.

Fluoride was added to the Port Macquarie water supply in early 2012, despite an outcry from some community groups in the area.

The Council received a petition signed by thousands of people calling for a poll on fluoridation, but the Administrator at the time declined to hold one.

Now Councillor Lisa Intemann wants the council to request detailed information from NSW Health on dental health programs, dental statistics, and research into the potential negative impacts of fluoride.

Water fluoridation has been hailed as one of the 20th century’s greatest health initiatives, but not everyone agrees.

Cr Intemann said adding the chemical to public drinking water is still a concern for some of the community.

“Six thousand signatories [on the petition] is a good indication,” she said.

“My personal understanding is that many people are concerned about both the value of and the potential negative affects of fluoridation.”

She said the Council cannot end fluoridation of its drinking water but it is still worth discussing it.

“It’s not feasible for Council to decide,” she said.

“Which is why we’re first going down the path of asking the authorities what studies are they already doing and what evidence do they have?

“We will then consider it after that.”