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Fluoride discussed at Martinsville city council meeting

Source: Martinsville Bulletin | May 14th, 2015 | By Mickey Powell, Bulletin Staff Writer
Location: United States, Virginia

[At the May 12, city council meeting] … several Martinsville residents urged the council to remove fluoride from city water, which officials have said would save $15,000.

The council took no action, as it did earlier this year after hearing from fluoride opponents.

For many years, cities nationwide have put fluoride in their drinking water to help prevent tooth decay. The American Dental Association recommends that public water supplies be fluoridated.

Yet critics have pointed to studies showing that getting too much fluoride, like getting too little, could lead to dental problems.

There is research showing both positive and negative effects of fluoride in water, Teague said, adding that whatever a person wants to believe, “you’re going to find research to support that” theory.

Martinsville dentist Craig Dietrich said that among his patients, he has not seen enough problems caused by too much fluoride to concern him about fluoride in drinking water.

He added he thinks it is essential for places like Martinsville that have high poverty rates to have fluoride in water because many people lack access to proper dental care because they cannot afford it.

Mayor Danny Turner indicated that time will be allotted during a future council session to discuss fluoride in water, and city residents will be able to participate.

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