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Fluoride fears spark Cairns filter rush

Source: © The Cairns Post | December 23rd, 2009 | By Daniel Bateman
Location: Australia

CAIRNS residents are giving each other water filters as Christmas presents in a rush before the Far North’s water supply is permanently fluoridated.

Shopkeepers say they have been rushed off their feet with sales of filters to residents concerned about the effects fluoridated water may have upon their health.

An average ceramic water filter has been selling for about $345, while reverse osmosis systems retail for about $800, and distilling units about $390.

Owner of Cairns business Enviromart Australia, Di Creasey, said 95 per cent of her water filter stock was being sold before it hit the shelves.

“We’ve been selling pallet loads of stock every two-three days for the past three weeks,” Ms Creasey said.

“People have been coming in and buying them to give away as Christmas presents.”

Fluoride will be permanently added to the Far North’s water supply by December 31.

Cairns Regional Council started pumping fluoride into the Tunnel Hill Water Treatment Plant, near Copperlode Dam, on Monday night.

Ms Creasey said many of her customers felt the State Government’s mandate to fluoridate the Far North’s water was undemocratic.

“During the last state election, Anna Bligh really avoided the subject of fluoride,” she said.

“When she was voted back in, she thanked Queensland for giving her the go ahead for putting fluoride in the water supply.”