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Fluoride-hit villagers pin hopes on Mission Bhagiratha

Source: The HANS India | March 28th, 2017 | By Panchareddy Srikanth
Location: India

Nizamabad:  People of Pattepur, 10 km away from Bodhan, have been suffering from the adverse impact of fluoride rich water from bore well for more than four decades with no relief in sight.

Right from an anganwadi student to aged villagers, all people have bent legs due to consumption of water containing alarming levels of fluoride.

The entire village, with a population of over 2,500, drinks water from a single bore well. The water is pumped into a tank and supplied from there. Any bore well dig at any location will give the same quality of water because of the soil composition- which is rich in fluoride.

Therefore, it is inevitable for them to drink bore well water. The villagers said that they had complained about it to the authorities, but to no avail. A de-fluoride project functional in Chinnamavandi village caters to drinking water needs of at least 17 villages excluding Pattepur.

The elders in the village were not able to move because of knee pain. The villagers criticised that the political leaders appear and shower promises only before elections and will never return after that. It was high-time for the officials and political leaders to deliver pure and safe drinking water to the village.

According to a villager Mohammed, for villagers have been suffering from the problem for more than three decades. They have no alternative except drinking the water containing fluoride in spite of River Godavari flows close to the village.

According to Masood, the issue was taken to the notice of the officials several times and memoranda were submitted highlighting the drinking water problem. But, no official bothered to pay attention to resolve the problem.

Another villager Qhayyum said that the villagers pinned hopes on Mission Bhagiratha. On account of the high fluoride content in drinking water, youth of the village are finding it difficult to get a suitable bride.

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