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Fluoride is waste of money, says Morris

Source: Fraser Coast Chronicle | January 11th, 2009 | By Anne-Louise Brown
Location: Australia

Ann Morris describes water fluoridation as “an appalling waste of public money”.

A fierce opponent of the introduction to the local water supply when she was a member of the Maryborough council, Ms Morris (pictured) was initially in favour of fluoridation.

“I was very pro-fluoride and when the Maryborough City Council was investigating whether to add it to the water I did my own research. It was eye opening.

“Many European countries have taken it out of their water for health reasons. Studies show it increases allergies and other problems.

“In my opinion it’s a waste of money. The cash should be put towards public education programs or training more dentists.”

Ms Morris believes poor dental health has more to do with diet than a lack of fluoride in water, especially in the case of children.

“Kids get too much sugar. They drink lots of soft drink and juice and this leads to tooth decay.

“I’ve had a water filter for years so when the fluoride is added it won’t affect me. Others should consider getting a filter fitted if they don’t want to drink fluoridated water.”