The decision to add fluoride to Queensland’s drinking water has come back to bite Premier Anna Bligh on day five of the election campaign.

Taking calls on Rockhampton radio station 4RO on Friday, Ms Bligh took a barrage of criticism on health issues, particularly fluoridation.

One caller, Dan, said the government had imposed huge changes on central Queensland, including fluoridation of water and amalgamating local councils, that should have been the subject of a referendum.

“You say to people trust me, and we’ve had the experience of forced amalgamations, we’ve had forced fluoride … and the other thing is daylight savings,” Dan said.

“You’ve got to give the people a choice.”

Ms Bligh said the fluoride issue had been debated in Queensland for a long time.

“Every public survey conducted by any reputable body in Queensland over the last, I think, five or more years has shown overwhelming support for fluoride,” she said.

“I thought it was time to get on and do it so that our children had the benefit of one of the most beneficial public health initiatives that’s enjoyed in all other parts of Australia.” …