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Fluoride protest hits city’s streets

Source: The Geelong Advertiser | January 24th, 2008 | By Daniel Breen
Location: Australia

DOZENS of passionate anti-fluoride protesters converged on Barwon Water’s headquarters yesterday.

The placard waving ensemble marched in unison to the authority’s Ryrie St office to voice their opposition to plans for fluoride to be added to the region’s water supply.

Barwon Association for Freedom from Fluoridation organised the rally in honour of former Barwon Water board member Norman Boyce.

Mr Boyce was a passionate anti-fluoride campaigner in the 1980s, who believed that moves to add the chemical to the water supply was compulsory mass medication.

BAFF spokesman Keith Oakley said the group would fight water fluoridation until either a referendum on the issue was organised or the State Government removed legislation that allowed the practice.

“They have no moral or constitutional right to medically treat us, or poison us without our individual informed consent,” Mr Oakley said.

“It’s an appalling abuse of we water consumers.”

Members delivered a package of non-consent to fluoridation notices to the water authority as part of the rally.

Barwon Water chairman Roger Lowrey said the opposition to fluoride was ill advised and that there was “compelling evidence” for its medical benefits.

“After fully considering all the views on this important issue, the Board accepts that fluoride is a beneficial community-wide health measure. It does so after taking on board all the relevant facts and data, including the success of fluoride in Melbourne,” Mr Lowrey said.