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Fluoride renegades accuse minister of poisoning children

Source: The Irish Examiner | February 6th, 2002 | by Fionnuala Quinlan
Location: Ireland

AN anti-fluoridation group is to blitz Health Minister Micheal Martin’s constituency with leaflets accusing him of poisoning children through water fluoridation.

The Fluoride Free water group, which also plans to field an anti-fluoridation candidate in his constituency, are to distribute 25,000 leaflets to homes in Cork South Central on Saturday and Sunday.

The leaflet reads: “Minister Martin, stop poisoning our children. The Minister for Health is dosing our tap water with chemical fluoride to supposedly give us better teeth. We have no choice with this medication and every day thousands of Irish bottle-fed babies are swallowing unsafe levels of toxic fluoride”.

Spokesman Dr Don Mac Auley said they object to water fluoridation on the grounds that it is mass medication without consent and because between 40% and 50% of his teenage patients show signs of dental fluorosis – white lines and spots which are the first sign of fluoride poisoning.

“We are also very concerned about the health implications. Fluoridation has been linked to bone cancer, irritable bowel syndrome and osteoporosis. Yet in spite of this there have been no studies on the health implications of fluoridation even though the legislation requires that they be carried out,” Dr Mac Auley said.

The Government’s expert group, the Forum on Fluoridation, is believed to have concluded that water fluoridation should continue, although research into the health implications should be carried out. They are due to hold their final meeting to sign off on the report on February 14.

Two days before that meeting, a group of anti-fluoridation and consumer organisations are to join forces to lobby against the practice.

At a meeting in Buswells Hotel on February 12, groups including Voice, Irish Dentists Opposing Fluoridation, Fluoride Free Water and the Consumer Association of Ireland plan to hammer out a common policy to end fluoridation or allow local authorities decide whether tap water in their area should be fluoridated.

Nine county councils, two corporations and seven urban district councils have voted to end fluoridation, but have been over-ruled by the Department of Health. Fine Gael has pledged to end fluoridation if they gain power.

The leaflet says

* Bottle-fed babies and infants are receiving too much fluoride

* A Dublin Dental Hospital study advises parents not to use tap water for babies’ feed because of fluoride

* Fluoride causes tooth damage called dental fluorosis. This is the first sign of fluoride poisoning – white spots or lines on teeth

* Fluoridation is also linked to cancer, irritable bowel syndrome and osteoporosis

* The chemical fluoride used in Ireland contains levels of arsenic, lead, mercury and chromium