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Fluorine pollution in East Iceland within limits

Source: IcelandReview.com | October 24th, 2012
Location: Iceland
Industry type: Aluminum Industry

Data submitted to the Food and Veterinarian Authority (MAST) by Alcoa Fjarðaál in the East Fjords indicates that the quantity of fluorine in hay in Reyðarfjörður was in all instances below the maximum limit.

In two samples out of 17, the quantity of fluorine proved above the limit for milking cows, Fréttablaðið reports.

However, these two samples were taken from pastures used for haymaking among horse owners in Reyðarfjörður, and the quantity of fluorine was well below the maximum limit for fodder intended for horses.

According to MAST, the results do not give any reason to conclude that people may be at risk when consuming agricultural products or herbs from the area, or for farmers to change their farming methods, fodder or pasturing habits.