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Fluorochemicals Today & Their Development Direction

Source: Nantong Baokai Chemical Co., Ltd | December 12th, 2012 | Press Release
Location: China
Industry type: Chemical Industry

HANGZHOU, China, Dec. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Fluorochemical development started in the 1930s and is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the Chemical Industry. With little radium and higher electro negativity, C-F has higher bonding energy than C-H, which increases organic compounds’ stability and biological activity. Also, Fluoro-compounds have higher lipid solubility and hydrophobicity which can speed the absorption and transmission by living organisms and change physiological action. As a result, many fluoro-medicines or pesticides are characterized by smaller dosages, lower toxicity, improved efficacy and higher metabolism. This is why Fluoro-products occupy a big proportion of the pharmaceutical and pesticide industries.

In recent years, in the wake of technological developments and growing demand, the application of Fluoro-products has filtered into the building, electronics, energy, environmental protection and information industries, among others.

The present global amount of fluoro chemical products (including inorganic fluoro-products) is around 2,500,000 tons, which amounts to $21 billion in sales. There are thousands of fluoro-fine chemicals, with sales of around $15 billion, which makes up about 70% of the fluoro industry.

Over the years, the production capacity of fluoro- products has grown in step with consumption needs, especial in Asia, where annul consumption has increased 15%, which is more than the global increase of 4%. China began research and development of fluoro-intermediates and its fine chemicals from 1970s, and within 10 years fuloro chemicals became a hot trend for the Fine Chemical industry at home and abroad. Strong developing trends in the fluoro products industry during the 90s made China the most important manufacturer and supplier for fluoro-intermediates in the world.

China has big deposits of fluride, which account for 1/3 of the world’s total amount, making for a great advantage in developing an organic fluoro industry. Along the chemical industry chain, starting with fluoride, additional value raises exponentially along the development process, with the main value lying with downstream products. For example, downstream products like fluoro-fine chemicals multiply 500-5,000 on the price of fluoride.

The output of basic fluoro-chemicals is hampered by the “three wastes” problem. More effort needs to be put into developing high-value and eco-friendly products. Fluoro-products must trend towards fine, compositing, light-weight, eco-friendly and energy conserving products. Sustainable development trends can lead to the use of fluoro-raw material as ODS substitutes and refrigerants, aerosols, detergents and extinguishing and spraying agents. Fluoro-intermediate can be used to make fluoro-containing electronic chemicals, fluoro-finishing agents, fluoro-additives, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes and other products. For manufacturers in China there is a need to integrate the industry to form a specialty products line.

In view of this situation, Nantong Baokai Chemical Co.,LTD has focused on developing fluoro-intermediates since 2005, and currently occupies a 3 hectare factory in Beijing, along with a fine chemical Industry park in Jiangsu Province, operated in cooperation with Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, Emden-Leer of Germany. There, they have developed a series of intermediates such as trifluoroacetic acid, trifluoroacetic anhydride and 1.1.1-Trifluoroacetone. And recently they have also developed 2.2-difluoroanthanol and a difluorochloroacetic acid series.

Through the development of new technologies and upholding the idea of “Be environment-friendly, efficient and energy-saving,” we have successfully developed a series of products, including fluoro-pharmaceutical intermediates, trivalent chromium reagents, quinazoline series and others. Our business range covers the R&D of products, production, sale, technical consultation and environmental protection. Founded on the tenet of “Be honest and practical, technically innovative, and the customer is supreme,” we are becoming more and more popular in these sectors for our excellent R&D ability and top quality. We enjoy an excellent reputation.