Vietnam Food Administration announced on December 26 its new regulation on formula for babies less than 12 months and from six to 36 months of age, which will take effect from June 1, 2013.

Four kinds of baby formula are mentioned in the new regulation, namely, formula for children under 12 months; special formula for children under 12 months who have problem with normal formula and need medical treatment; food supplement for children from six to 36 months; and formula made from cereal for children from six to 36 months of age.

Vietnam Food Administration will also regulate levels of Taurine and Acid docosahexaenoic that to add to the baby formula. Food companies will in future have to show evidence of safety and necessity for children when adding such substances into the formula.

The content of these substances should be same as stated on labels. Fluoride will not be allowed in the baby formula. Tolerable levels of Melamine will be set at 1 mg in a kg of baby milk powder.