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Geelong: Candidate fights fluoridation

Source: Geelong Advertiser (page 2) | November 10th, 2008 | By Peter Begg
Location: Australia

CITY of Greater Geelong council candidate Stephen Juhasz has sought to make fluoridation an issue in the looming election.

Mr Juhasz, a candidate for Corio Ward, and other candidates have been invited to address an anti-fluoride rally outside Barwon Water’s city offices on Wednesday.

Mr Juhasz said he was the only candidate in Corio Ward who had given the people a voice on fluoridation by “setting up and running the people’s fluoride referendum.”

“Council should have taken on the fluoride issue and represented the people of Geelong to the State Government long ago,” he said.

“I will work to ensure that the new council does this immediately.

“This is not really about fluoridation but democracy and representation.”

Mr Juhasz said he had been invited to Wednesday’s rally.

The rally is being organised by the Barwon Association for Freedom from Fluoridation (BAFF) and organisers said a feature of the rally would be addressed by several councillors and candidates in the council election.

Buckley Ward candidate and Liberal Party member Angelo Kakouros is another who has condemned the fluoridation of the water supply.

BAFF spokesman David McRae said Wednesday’s rally would hand Barwon Water officers another 1000 or more signed ‘Non-Consent to Fluoridation’ notices.

“Barwon Water says that fluoridation is nothing to do with them,” Mr McRae said.

“But it is. They are the old Geelong and District Waterworks Trust – held in trust for the people.

“The consumers pay their bills to Barwon Water and want an acceptable product for their money.

“They are supposed to listen to the ratepayers, do their best to carry out their wishes and, if necessary, take the battle up to State Government to have the fluoridation order overturned.”

Barwon Water yesterday re-affirmed its support for the introduction of fluoride into drinking water supplies.

A Barwon Water spokesman said the corporation’s board had made its decision after carefully considering all the available information and the wide-ranging views of medical and health professionals and community groups.

“Having said that, the decision rests with the Department of Human Services,” he said.

“The department has directed Barwon Water to introduce fluoride and we are legally required to do so.”