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Greens Claim London Anti-Fluoridation Announcement a Victory for Whole Country

Source: Green Party of England/Wales | July 27th, 2000
Location: United Kingdom, England

The Green Party today claims a victory in Britain’s battle against Tony Blair’s plan for compulsory fluoridation, as London Mayor Ken Livingstone sides with the Greens to oppose the fluoridation of London’s drinking water.

Mr Livingstone came off the fence publicly for the first time today in an answer during Mayor’s question time. The Green Party’s Darren Johnson – who holds the Environment portfolio in Livingstone’s cabinet – had asked: “In view of the environmental and health risks involved and the threat to civil liberties will the Mayor oppose any attempts to fluoridate London’s drinking water?”, to which the Mayor replied that he was opposed to water fluoridation.

Green Party Principal Speaker Margaret Wright welcomed Mr Livingstone’s stance, and said: “This is an important announcement and it has come at the right time. The government is about to give the go-ahead to water fluoridation nationally, and London will be the first major battle. The Green Party and other organisations (1) are already stepping-up campaigning to challenge the health risks which fluoride poses (2) and to defend individual liberty against mass medication.”

She concluded: “The only safe, effective way to reduce tooth decay is through education and diet. Mass medication with a substance widely believed to be a long-term health danger is not an acceptable option.”


Notes for Editors

1. Eg contact the National Pure Water Association on 01924 254433. As well as most European governments, many UK local councils are opposed to fluoridation. Eg contact Liz Vaughan of North West Councils Against Fluoridation, 01229 885420.

2. See the Green Party’s report, The Scientific Fraud of the Century: http://www.greenparty.org.uk/reports/2000/fluoride/fluoridereport.htm