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Greens will fight any fluoride in water plans

Source: Evening News | July 9th, 2003

GREEN MSPs today vowed to fight any plans by the Scottish Executive to put fluoride in Scotland’s water.

They spoke out as plans were finalised in Westminster for fluoridation in England and Wales.

Lothians Green MSP Robin Harper has written to First Minister Jack McConnell asking him to reassure the people of Scotland that their water will not be fluoridated against their will.

More than 7500 people complained to the Executive during a consultation on plans for fluoridation, making it the biggest such protest in Scotland since the Section 28 debate.

“This is an issue the public and the Scottish Green Party feel passionately about,” Mr Harper said.

“The Scottish Green Party believes water fluoridation is a gross infringement of individual civil liberties, namely the right of the individual to choose whether or not to use fluoride, and that public mass medication through the nation’s water taps is contrary to medical ethics.”

He said there were sufficient grounds for concern about the effects of fluoride on health that people should have a choice whether to consume fluoride.

“The Government should not be forcing people to consume fluoride by adding it to public water supplies. The Government has made mistakes in the past, particularly with BSE. The public already have real worries about the safety of food. The Government should not be experimenting with people’s health.”