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Hamilton: Fluoride decision pending on signatures

Source: Waikato Times | July 4th, 2013 | By Daniel Adams
Location: New Zealand

A decision on whether a fluoride referendum will be held at October’s Hamilton City Council elections hangs on five signatures by the end of today.

Five elected members’ support would for the first time clear the city council to consider holding a fluoride referendum at the same time as the  next election.

The council today voted 8-2 to call an extraordinary meeting next Friday when all councillors should be present to debate a referendum and petition. But for the council to even debate revoking its earlier resolution not to hold a fluoride referendum, five councillors must sign a notice of motion today.

The motion was put by Dave Macpherson, and followed the absence of three councillors from today’s council meeting due to illness and bereavement.

A petition calling for a citizens’ initiated referendum has easily met the 1500 enrolled city voters needed to force a debate, council staff have confirmed.

Because the council voted last year not to hold a referendum on fluoridation, there is a higher threshold for the council to overturn or rescind that decision.