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Hamilton. Teeth bared in fluoride report debate

Source: TheSpec.com (Hamilton Spectator) | April 16th, 2012 | By Emma Reilly
Location: Canada, Ontario

City councillors are into their fourth hour of discussion about fluoride in Hamilton’s water.

The city’s public health staff is presenting its annual report about water fluoridation and a decision isn’t expected to be made today. Still, a steady string of delegates have shared their thoughts about the effects of fluoride at this afternoon’s public health committee meeting.

REPORT: Water fluoridation

Some spoke in support of fluoridation, including Ontario’s medical officer of health Dr. Arlene King, and Dr. Peter Cooney, the chief dental officer with Health Canada. Many more spoke out against the practice — including Councillor Terry Whitehead, who argued that there’s a link between fluoride and autism.

The meeting has been raucous, with the antifluoridation advocates shouting out to the mayor and delivering a hearty round of applause after every delegate.