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Hazards: Climate change cause of devastation

Source: The Express Tribune | April 14th, 2014
Location: Pakistan

KARACHI: Climate change is devastating all arid areas of Sindh including Chahcro, Kohistan, Kachho, Nara region, Achro Thar and Tharparkar and is causing reduction in rains, drinking water, grazing fields and livestock.

Society for Environmental Action, Re-Construction and Humanitarian response (SEARCH) executive director Waheed Jamali said that fluoride contamination of the underground water sources in Chachro and other areas of Thar desert has led to grave health problems.

Jamali said that excessive consumption of fluoride may lead to increased likelihood of bone fractures in adults. He added that children aged eight years and younger, who are exposed to excessive amounts of fluoride have an increased chance of developing pits in their tooth enamel, along with a range of other problems to their teeth. The government needs to install water filter plants to ensure safe drinking water to the people of Kohistan, Kachho and Nara as they are badly affected by climate change.