Fluoride Action Network

Help needed on worldwide survey of fluoridation

Source: International Fluoride Information Network | July 3rd, 2002
Location: International

Dear All,

In view of the fact that the American Dental Association, despite its very deep pockets and large staff, is unable to do an accurate assessment of the fluoridation status of countries worldwide, we with our miniscule budget and no staff, would like to attempt to get the record straight. But we need your help to do it.

Here is how you can help.

a) If you live in a fluoridated country other than the US, do you have access to a BRIEF history of fluoridation in your country? Could you e-mail this to us  (or if it is long, could yopu snail mail a copy : 82 Judson Street, Canton, NY 13617, USA) What year did it start? What percentage of the population drink artificially fluoridated water? Which large cities are definitely fluoridated and which large cities are not? To what extent was American influence exerted to “encourage” your government to start fluoridation?

b) If you live in a non-fluoridated country in Europe, what other steps have been taken to push fluoride ( fluoridated milk, salt etc)?

c) Does anyone know anything about Spain. We have heard figures from 3-10% of the population drinking fluoridated water. Can any one give us the correct figure and which cities are fluoridated?

d) Does anyone know the situation in the countries which once made up the USSR. Have any of them continued fluoridation?

e) Does anyone have the latest information on the percentage of the population drinking fluoridated water in Poland or the Czech republic or Slovakia?

f) Does anyone have information on countries in Central and South America and the Caribbean.

g) Does anyone have information on Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, North Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Philippines?

h) Does anyone have information about any Middle Eastern countries?

We would like to produce three lists. One a list of Fluoridated countries with brief histories;  a second list of fluoridated cities in otherwise unfluoridated countries (e.g. Basle in Switzerland) and a third list of unfluoridated cites in otherwise fluoridated countries ( e.g  the state of Hawaii in the US; Brisbane and Geelong in Australia; Christchurch and Nelson in New Zealand). Such a list might be very helpful for those who are super-sensitive to fluoride when choosing vacations.

We are open to other suggestions. Meanwhile, thanks to all for any help you can give us in this matter.

Paul Connett.

Please e-mail to both Paul Connett and Michael Connett