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House lawmakers weigh proposed statewide ban on fluoride in public drinking water

Source: WMUR9 | March 20th, 2019 | By Kristen Carosa

House lawmakers are considering a bill that would prohibit the state from putting fluoride in water, which is done to prevent dental cavities.

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Dick Marple, R-Merrimack, said this is about freedom of choice, while others believe it’s necessary for dental health.

The bill proposes putting a mandated statewide ban on fluoride in the community water supplies.

If passed, New Hampshire would be the first state in the country to abolish fluoride in water.

Marple said fluoride has negative health effects on the body and believes it should not be consumed.

“Why should we be paying to ingest something that has no effect on the teeth? Again, I’m not disputing the topical application, but you should be able to make the choice. It’s about freedom of choice,” Marple said.

Dental surgeon Dr. Richard Berryman said fluoride helps reduce tooth decay in children by roughly 65 percent.

“Some people will say, ‘Why can’t they get the fluoride in the toothpaste or the dental office?’ Well, what about the significant part of our population that doesn’t go to the dentist (or) can’t afford to go to the dentist?” Berryman said.

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