PEOPLE across Limerick are facing huge health risks every time they sip a glass of water, according to Independent MEP Kathy Sinnott.

After chairing a meeting in the city this week, Ms Sinnott, who represents Limerick and the South of Ireland in the European Parliament, has called for a full investigation into Ireland’s policy over the last 45 years.

A long time opponent of the use of fluoride in public water supplies, Ms Sinnott also called on Limerick’s local authorities to follow a precedent set by Kerry County Council, petitioning the HSE to remove the fluoride supply.

More than 40 people were at Jurys Inn to hear Ms Sinnott – a member of the European Parliament’s Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety – speak on the issue, alongside forensic ecologist Doug Cross, as well as anti-flouridation campaigner Robert Pocock, and Liz Vaughan of the UK Councils against the issue.

Ms Sinnott said: “I am particularly concerned for my constituents in Limerick who are more vulnerable (to fluoridation] due to excessive exposure of aluminium and lead.

“I call for a full investigation to be carried out which I hope will bring about an end to the harmful water flouridaton policy of the last 45 years.”

Earlier this year, more than 50 cities in Ms Sinnott’s native USA rejected fluoridation of their water, but here in Ireland, fluoride is allowed to be pumped into the water supply under legislation dating back to 1960.

Speaking before the meeting, Ms Sinnott said: “It costs millions of euros to fluoridate our water supplies every year and provide the medical treatments and health services to deal with its long term adverse effects. Cutting out water fluoridation would save money immediately and into the future.”

Also on her visit to Limerick, Ms Sinnott appeared at the University of Limerick to address the public on “Life after Lisbon” at Dromroe Village Reception, an event organised by the UL Law Society.