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Ian McAnerin: Ward 3. Calgary council candidate on fluoridation

Source: Calgary Herald | October 7th, 2021
Location: Canada, Alberta

The next city council could be asked to return fluoride to the city’s water supply. What is your position on this?

I’m personally in favor of it but will abide by the will of the voters.

Occupation: Owner, International Digital Marking Agency

Political/volunteer experience:

Ran in 2017 election, Alberta Party IT lead 2019, past president of Northern Hills Community Association Hills

What is your motivation for seeking a seat on city council?

To continue to serve and support my community in a more effective role.

Describe your leadership style:

Democratic consensus-building whenever possible, Captain Picard (ask for and evaluate options from team, then decide on direction) when necessary.

What do you consider the single most important issue facing Calgarians, and what should be done about it?

Pandemic and economic recovery. Make our city more business-friendly (includes retaining our graduates and improving our transit system), diversify our economy and tax base, help people in need – affordable homes, mental health, addiction.

What are the three most important issues in your ward, and how would you address them?

1. Transit issues including needing the Green Line – constant advocacy and relationship building.

2. Missing amenities (medical centre, dog parks, meeting places) – fight for funding, these have been on the books for many years now.

3. Traffic Safety and Snow removal – proactively address safety issues with resident input, make smarter snow removal policies.

Do you support the city’s downtown revitalization strategy? Where should funding and programs be focused?

Yes. We need to move downtown from vacant to vibrant – conversion to mixed-use, support arts and entertainment and attract and retain talent.

What innovative project or job creation measure can you propose to aid Calgary’s post-COVID economic recovery?

Create a much more efficient development and licensing process that cuts red tape and ends need to deal upfront with multiple departments for a single project, similar to a project I consulted on for the Canadian Federal Government.

What should city council do to keep young adults from leaving Calgary?

The easy answer is to give them a reason to stay. More specifically, 1) economic diversity and support, particularly for startups and the green economy, 2) affordable housing and transit, 3) vibrant social atmosphere (nightlife, arts and entertainment, gathering places).

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