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Mount Isa: Council votes unanimously to stop fluoridation

Source: ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) | August 14th, 2013
Location: Australia

The Mount Isa City Council has unanimously supported stopping the fluoridation of the local water supply.

The decision was met with loud applause from the public gallery as Mayor Tony McGrady confirmed the unanimous support.

It comes nine months after the Queensland Government gave the power to the local councils and two weeks after the council attempted to give it back to the people.

A referendum last month on the issue failed to gain a majority but councillor McGrady says there was a clear showing of support against fluoridation.

“Whilst 10 per cent of people took advantage of the opportunity, the result was quite overwhelming, 90 per cent said no,” he said.

He says the council’s CEO will now write to the local water board to instruct it to stop any plans to fluoridate the water supply.

Cr McGrady says it has been a contentious issue but the final decision has now been made.

“I think my email, I’ve been getting 10, 15, 20 emails a day since this debate started and the council in their wisdom or otherwise have made the decision and I would hope now that people would understand that the decision’s been made and we don’t have this debate continuing again and again and again,” he said.