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Kaitangata will soon have fluoridated water supply

Source: TopNews.net.nz | February 7th, 2011 | By Neeraj Shahane
Location: New Zealand

After receiving a strong support from the residents, fluoridation of Kaitangata Water Treatment Plant will commence on February 14. It is believed to bring some positive changes in dental health of the users.

Currently, the plant caters to Kaitangata Township and to the Wangaloa Rural Water Scheme. The council has been seeking advice on this project from the District Health Board for last few years and now they are all set up to execute the proposal.

Mr. Hakkaart, the Chief Executive, stated that the infrastructure has been completely funded by the Ministry of Health. This project is not limited to only fluoridation but it also includes a major water treatment upgrade, which was heavily subsidized by central government’s capital assistance plan.

Currently, Balclutha is the only place where people are already consuming fluoridated water supply. Other than this, the process is under execution at Tapanui and Milton.

Fluoride is a chemical substance which exists in most of the water supplies but generally it is at very low levels which does not bring needed benefits for dental health. So it is added to the water as fluorosilicic acid, which is obtained from the phosphate fertilizers.

According to experts, it reduces the risk of cavities in children and teens and that is why it is generally found in our toothpastes. Once this project gets completed, parents at Kaitangata can actually stop giving fluoride tablets to their kids.